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Rose Petal Jam 玫瑰醬 (65g/jar)

RM 15.00
Rose Petal Jam 玫瑰醬 (65g/jar) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

“香草,就只能做成茶飲而已嗎?” 這其實一直都是我們在思考的問題。

“難到不能變換成其他更有趣的食用方式嗎?” 天馬行空的想法開始在運轉著。







淨重: 65g (5 x 5 x 7 cm)

保存期限: 未開封半年; 開封後請在2周內食用完畢.


     未開封, 請儲存在乾燥陰涼處.

     開瓶後, 請儲存在冰箱冷藏處.

"Let's have some fun with it!"

We believe that the use of herbs in life can be more interesting. Except making it as a cup of tea, is there any other fascinating way to taste it?

As we love the natural aroma of herbs so much, so we made it as a jam! A Rose Petal Jam which is not only spread on toast or bread, but also can mix it with yours prefer drinks to create a brand new taste! How about as a topping on your ice-cream or waffle? A salad dressing as well? As herbal syrup on top with your pastries? Hmm... It is so flavorful!

Let's be surrounded by the “Queen of flowers” fragrance aroma.

Net weight: 65g (5 x 5 x 7 cm)

Storage period: 6 months for unopened. 2 weeks after opened and please chill in fridge.

Storage method: 

     Unopened: Store in dry cool place.

     Opened: Chill in fridge.

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