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🍵 Tea 茶葉

偶爾, 還是會想要來上一杯中國茶吧~

雖說含有咖啡因和茶鹼, 但是茶葉中所蘊含的維生素和抗氧化物質卻是不少的. 偶爾來上一杯茶, 重拾以往品茶與齒頰留香的記憶, 是多麼的美好啊~

A cup of tea a day, keep aging away.

There's always can't forget the time of enjoying tea. Even though it may have some caffeine and theophylline, tea still have lots of nutrients and anti-aging benefits which we knew from few thousand years ago.

Why not have a cup of tea?

To bring back all of our tea cultural memories just in a small cup.