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Herbal Tea On-to-go 養生隨你行

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「一碗湯水,半載浮生。」 --- 無相麵館

這是一家來自峇株的食堂. 一家以不會是你期待的樣子,而是以老闆自己開店喜歡自己的樣子而成的一家就是「料要比飯還多」的店家. 無相, 說的是它沒有一個固定的樣子; 但不變的卻是, 一定要讓你吃得心滿意足才是老闆不想放棄的原則。

生活一直不斷往前滾動, 原本的一湯一水也逐漸被現代化的餐飲給取代. 源著和老闆振利的理念相近, 我們也希望生活中的養身是再自然不過的一種習慣. 於是, 我們和無相麵館一起推出了瓶裝花草茶的企劃.

每一瓶花草茶, 都經過繁複的步驟: 清洗、晾乾、挑選材料、配製、沖泡熬煮、消毒滅菌、裝瓶、包裝. 用心地在每一個步驟親手處理著.您除了能在無相麵館購買到之外, 現在也能在我們的網站購買的到了.

口味: 瘦身盛夏

容量: 300ml/瓶

We knew about Wuxiang Soup starting from Holiao Canteen at year 2017. It's a small but warmly canteen located at Batu Pahat, which is different with those cafes nowadays. Chernli, the founder of both Holiao Canteen & Wuxiang Soup, always wish to feed his client with full of the delicious food of his surging rich material. He will seeks and purchases the freshness raw material in the each earlier morning. Whatever it is a homemade soup as usual as our mother cooked, he is so generous to provide all the best and nice food as he can.

As the same belief as him, we also wish to bring the healthier lifestyle into everyone's living habit. Therefore our "Herbal Tea On-to-go" was born.

Flavor: Slimming, Summer Essence

Volume: 300ml/bottle

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