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(Red) Raspberry Leaf (紅葉) 覆盆子葉 - 30g

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(Red) Raspberry Leaf (紅葉) 覆盆子葉 - 30g Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


  • 富含镁、钾、铁和维生命A、C和B群.
  • 紓解恶心和消化系統的不適症狀.
  • 改善喉嚨、眼睛和口腔的發炎狀況.
  • 減少腿部抽筋的情況.
  • 帮助孕妇順利分娩 (建議孕後的第6個月後才開始飲用)
  • 幫助哺乳媽媽增加奶水分泌、補充營養, 幫助子宮恢復健康.


  • 取出1-2茶匙 / 約10g的花草茶材料, 放入 350ml-400ml容量的杯中 / 茶壺中.
  • 加入溫度約90-95度的熱水, 蓋上杯蓋 / 壺蓋, 悶蒸浸泡3-5分鐘.
  • 時間到後, 喝看看茶杯中的茶水 / 將茶壺中的茶水倒在杯中試喝看看, 香氣和口味是否合適.
  • 若合您口味, 那就能開始享用您的花草茶了.
  • 當然, 您也能添加一些蜂蜜 / 黃糖 / 天然的甜味植物---甜菊葉來增添風味.
  • 若想泡製成冷飲, 可以在泡好後加入冰塊 / 放入冰箱中冷藏後再飲用.    




請儲藏在乾躁與陰涼的地方. 最好是在冰箱中冷藏.


  • 所有的花草茶都建議在當日泡製後、當日飲用完畢.
  • 孕婦、嬰兒、8歲以下的孩童不建議飲用.    
  • 若您正在服用任何藥物/進行任何醫療療程的話, 請先洽詢您醫生的建議.


  • High in magnesium, potassium, iron & vitamins A, C and B complex.
  • Helpful for nausea, digestive disorder.
  • Improve mouth, eye and gum infection.
  • Prevent and improve leg cramps.
  • It is also given as a childbirth preparation and help pregnant women give birth smoothly. (Suggest to start consume after the 6th month of pregnancy)
  • Help nursing mothers increase milk secretion, provide supplement nutrition, and help the uterus to recover.

Brewing Instruction

  • Take out 1-2 teaspoons (around 10g) of herbs, put into 350ml-400ml cup / teapot.
  • Add on 90-95 degrees hot water over the tea bag / herbs, cover with lid and steeps for 3-5 mins.
  • After that, try with your tea. Will the taste okay for you?
  • If the taste suit you, then you can start to enjoy with your tea now.
  • Of course, you also can add on honey / raw sugar / natural sweetener plant --- stevia leaf for better taste.
  • If you wish to have a cold herbal tea, just add on ice cubes as you like. Or, you can chill it in the fridge.



Storage Advice

Please store at dry and cold place. Best to chill in fridge.


  • All herbal teas are recommended to be consumed on the same day after brewing.
  • Not recommended to infant and children below 8 years old, and pregnancy women.
  • Patients who are undertaking any kind of medicine and/or medical treatment, please seeking your doctor advice before consume.
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