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Warmly Herbs Cookies Gift Set 暖心香草曲奇禮盒- Set A

RM 88.00
Warmly Herbs Cookies Gift Set 暖心香草曲奇禮盒- Set A Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

想向許久未見的好友、家人表達關懷的心, 卻不知道有甚麼合適的物品嗎? 這一款適合所有人的暖心禮盒, 除了好吃好喝之外, 也能讓心中牽掛的人, 兼具養身和健康. 嚴選無添加天然食材, 層層把關、細心製作、親手包裝, 就一如要送給自己的好友或家人一般. 因為知道在乎的心意有多重, 所以我們更加謹慎處理.


- 莓香曲奇 * 1 罐 (240g/罐)

- 1款特調混搭花茶茶袋  * 1罐 (10個茶袋/罐. 除了養精蓄銳口味之外, 請選擇1款口味的茶袋)

- 1款散裝特調水果茶 * 1罐 (藍莓果粒茶 / 水蜜桃果粒茶口味, 120g/罐)

- 禮盒包裝服務 (禮盒的包裝樣式會因不同的送禮要求/節慶而有不同的設計)


Whenever you wish to sending your concern and love to someone, this gift set can helps you without any doubts. Natural and no additives and no preservatives added, a health and no caffeine flower tea and cookies gift box. As we care as much as you, so we will handle it seriously.

Per box included: 

- Cranberry Rosemary Cookies * 1 tin (240g/tin)

- 1 flavor of our premixed tea bag in tin (10 tea bags/tin, exclude Energy Recharge flavor)

- 1 loose premixed fruits tea in tin (Blueberry Fruit Tea / Peach Fruit Tea flavor, 120g/tin)

- Gift wrapping service (The packaging style of the gift box will have different designs due to different request / festival)

The color of the tea tin will be randomly.

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