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Premixed Herbal Tea - Choose by Yourself 茶包任選組

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Premixed Herbal Tea - Choose by Yourself 茶包任選組 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

您可以任選您喜愛的口味, 並請在結帳的備註留言處列名所需的口味與數量.

  1. Anti-aging 抗老
  2. Beauty 美容
  3. Blueberry Fruits Tea 藍莓果粒茶 
  4. Calming 寧神
  5. Cough Relief 清熱止咳 
  6. Detox 養肝排毒 
  7. Digestive 消化 
  8. Peach Fruits Tea 水蜜桃果粒茶 
  9. Relax 紓壓
  10. Slimming 瘦身
  11. Soothing 舒緩
  12. Summer Essence 盛夏


  • 取出茶包, 放入 350ml-400ml容量的杯中 / 茶壺中.
  • 加入溫度約90-95度的熱水, 蓋上杯蓋 / 壺蓋, 悶蒸浸泡3-5分鐘.
  • 時間到後, 喝看看茶杯中的茶水 / 將茶壺中的茶水倒在杯中試喝看看, 香氣和口味是否合適.
  • 若合您口味, 那就能開始享用您的花草茶了.
  • 當然, 您也能添加一些蜂蜜 / 黃糖 / 天然的甜味植物---甜菊葉來增添風味.
  • 若想泡製成冷飲, 可以在泡好後加入冰塊 / 放入冰箱中冷藏後再飲用.


您所任選的12種口味的小茶包 / 袋


請儲藏在乾躁與陰涼的地方. 最好是在冰箱中冷藏.




You can choose any flavor based on your prefer. Please list down your choice and amount on your order remark area while checkout.

Brewing Instruction

  • Take out a sachet of tea bag, put into 350-400 ml of cup / teapot.
  • Add on 90-95 Celsius degrees of hot water, cover with lid and steep for 3-5 mins.
  • After that, try with your tea. Will the taste okay for you?
  • If the taste suits you, then you can start to enjoy with your tea now.
  • Of course, you also can add on honey / raw sugar / natural sweetener plant --- stevia leaf for the better taste.
  • If you wish to have a cold herbal tea, just add on ice cubes as you like. Or, you can chill it in the fridge.


Choose your prefer flavor of 12 sachets / pack

Storage Advice

Please store at dry and cold place. Best to chill in fridge.


Please refer back to the web page information for each taste.

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